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2.14" Serpentine diameter and 2.75" V-groove diameter.
6 and 8 groove custom serpentine/V-groove combo pulleys.

Cut on late model CNC machines, engraved and plated for protection.

061-003 replaces the 6 groove OEM Nippondenso alternator pulley.

Will also replace many Ford & GM OEM pulleys, as well as Premier Power Welder alternator pulleys.

061-004 replaces OEM 7 and 8 groove pulleys on many Ford, Chevy & Chrysler vehicles.

2 lbs. 7x5x3
  2.14" 6g Serp. Combo 

2 lbs. 7x5x3
061-004  2.14" 8g Serp. Combo

2 lbs. 7x5x3
061-004B  2.14" Bosch 8g Serp. Combo

::New Overdrive Pulleys

We now have two new versions of our combo pulleys!  1.9"/2.75" 6 and 8 groove combo pulleys are in stock.  These pulleys were designed to boost your charging systems output at idle and increase your compressors speed at the same time.  Changes in speed depend on your crank pulley diameter.

2 lbs. 7x5x3
  1.9"  6g Overdrive Serp. Combo 

2 lbs. 7x5x3
061-008  1.9"  8g Overdrive Serp. Combo 













::Dodge Alternator Pulley Tool

The Kilby DPT-1 allows you to remove the splined type pulley from a Dodge alternator. As this is a one-piece tool, an impact gun is required for removal. (Pulley not included).



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